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XSpiceo Global Consultancy   is a top-notch water treatment Consultancy and Industrial Chemical Trading company down south of India. It was established by an expert, who has more than 36 years of experience in Manufacturing, Supply and Service of Water Treatment Chemicals  and Management and providing solutions to  different Industrial segments, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power Plants, Sugar, Leather and Textile Industries.

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In an environment where savings are measured in pennies per square foot, a facility operator needs to know that he or she is obtaining the best value for every dollar spent on water treatment. On the other hand, short-term savings on water treatment services can result in long-term problems that are expensive to correct. Most importantly, corrosion and Microbial growth  is an irreversible process that cannot be “undone”. “Xspiceo” Water Treatment Consulting is uniquely qualified to help facility operators obtain the greatest value from their water treatment dollars while maintaining system reliability and integrity.

Consultancy & Audit:

“Xspiceo – water treatment consulting is a full – Service consulting firm catering to Industrial, Institutional, commercial, educational and health facilities to provide water treatment assessments and Microbial control program. Our Staff of water treatment professions are dedicated in providing unbiased, independent evaluations of corrosion, scaling, deposits, and Microbial fouling control programs that allow critical heat- transfer equipment to operate efficiently. Our team professionals independently perform a variety of testing and inspection services to document the on – going effectiveness of the water treatment vendors program.  Our experts initially benchmark the water treatment program performance, identify deficiencies, and offer workable solutions to enhance effective heat transfer efficiency and water conservation by providing control over Corrosion, scaling, deposit, and microbial fouling. The expert has worked in Multi- disciplined function and have travelled globally to various countries and provided solution for Total Water Management to different Industries. Audits create the foundation for an effective water treatment program. During an audit, we review historical records, inspect equipment and perform testing. The in-depth report that follows documents the existing conditions and provides recommendations and a path for implementing improvements. The report becomes the basis for monitoring and benchmarking progress.

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Facility operators rely on their water treatment vendor to provide effective treatment programs for the protection of critical heat transfer systems; however, maintenance personnel can lack the resources to monitor the treatment program. Sometimes, it takes the failure of critical equipment to flag an ineffective program. To ensure that facility managers are receiving the service they need from their water treatment vendor in a cost-effective manner, “Xspiceo” has developed a monitoring program that provides facility managers with technical information and accurate analyses of operating conditions. “Xspiceo” communicates this information in an objective manner and in an easy-to-understand format.

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